digital nomad

You are most important to me. Because without you, none of my work would have a reason to exist. That is why I put you first. People sometimes call it a 'user centered approach'. I simply think of it as common sense. And that's what makes me a skilled content marketeer.

My background in play writing and experience in the (i)NGO sector strengthen my vision that stories are the power behind change. Deadlines, pressure and targets make me day. I have a sharp eye which I use to bring focus in complex issues and knotty (organizational) structures. I love to work with real people, and gladly run between desks and offices if needed.

While I’m abroad being a 'digital nomad', I sometimes miss this vivid vibe. Using Skype, whatsapp and e-mail while running some trails make up for that 😉 I’m at my best working on strategy and putting it into practice. ‘Marketing communications’ isn’t just a phrase. I make it work.

content creation

Being a writer and digital content specialist gives me the opportunity to work wherever I can plug in my laptop and connect to the internet. I feel very privileged to be able to work for a number of (i)NGO's and magazines whilst travelling abroad. I have broad experience in writing and content creation for both online and offline media. You can contact me about:

  • copywriting and SEO
  • content marketing
  • content strategy
  • webcare

print and online

For both print and online media, I gather stories and write articles. Coverage of places and events, interviews and first person documentary. And I might be just in the right place to cover the story you were looking for.  I'm always happy to discuss options and explore possibilities. 
Main areas of interest:

  • cycling
  • outdoors (hiking, camping, travelling)
  • sustainability
  • poverty & development

I work(ed) for a.o.

Stichting Vluchteling
Critical Mass
Oxfam Novib